For retail customers and agents:
  • Customers are allowed to exchange returns if they meet the following conditions:

  • The goods are still in their original condition, with the labels still intact.

  • No deformation, scratches, cracks, dirt, or any signs that the goods have been changed in quality due to use.

  • Goods must be returned together with documents handed over between Deborah supplier and the customer along with goods such as delivery and receipt minutes, invoices, ...

  • When returning goods, customers will be charged the following costs:

  • The cost of inspection and returning the goods is 5% of the total quantity of returned items.

  • Shipping costs plus loading and unloading costs on the total quantity of the returned goods (quoted and supplied by the 3rd unit)

  • Time for returning goods: 10 days from the date of delivery. After 10 days Deborah supplier will not receive barter in any form.

For projects:

Customers can only return the goods in case of an error caused by the manufacturer or not according to the standard, quality, product code as signed contract.

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